Wednesday 20th Nov 3rd XI vs Ballyclare HS Gibson Cup

Get changed at break time. Bring a packed lunch. Be excused from class at 12.45 to eat lunch (eat lunch on sports hall balcony) Bus leaves at 1pm. White Tops and red socks.

Katie McCullough GK

Natalie Hale SW

Kayla Orr  CB

Ruby Mulligan  LB 

Julia Herron   RB

Lucy Gilmore CM

Bonnie McKenzie  RM 

Holly Patterson LM

Tara McCambley CF

Anna Little  F

Izzy Anderson   F 

Sasha Martin   B

Alisha Knowles  M

Carolyn Grossmann B

Amy Macauley. M/F

Saturday 16th Superleague Semi Final vs BRA and Junior Friendlies vs LJHS


Superleague Semi Final
New Red tops will be given out at training to be worn on Saturday with hooped socks.

1.   Rebecca Spence 

2.   Hannah Buchanan

3.   Maisy Corry

4.   Hannah Spence

5.   SJ Corry

6.   Emma Cousins

7.   Alex Gardiner

8.   Gemma Hassan

9.   Molly Mathers

10.   Katie McDonald

11.   Ellen Reid (Capt)

12.   Jodie Simmons

13.   Amy Somerville

14.   Pippa Wilson

15.   Ruby Wilson

16.   Zoe Hylands

Junior Matches vs Lurgan JHS. Bus Leaves SCHOOL (no AQE) at 8.15 sharp. Home around 11/11.30ish

U14a passback at 9am

  1. Alana Stewart…Inj??
  2. Leah Rodgers
  3. Charlotte Waugh
  4. Eva McAlister
  5. Anna Thompson
  6. Joy Mawson
  7. Zara Nummy 
  8. Mia Campbell
  9. Rebekah Baker (c) 
  10. Mia Grey
  11. Abbie McCormick
  12. Abbi Harrison
  13. Christina Magennis
  14. Grace Mooney
  15. Maia Crawford

u13a passback at 9.45

  1. Imogen Hunter
  2. Lilia McKinney
  3. Christina Maginnis
  4. Edie McClusker
  5. Esther Campbell
  6. Abbi Harrison cpt 
  7. Grace Mooney
  8. Violet Cohen
  9. Cara Purdy 
  10. Maia Crawford 
  11. Grace Hamilton
  12. Amy Jordan 
  13. Taylor Barlow

Friday 15th November u12b vs Dromore HS Mid Ulster League

Get changed into hockey kit(white PE tops/black skorts/ red socks) at lunch time in sports hall changing rooms. Meet at 1.45pm black gate at side of lecture theatre (were you normally get registered for hockey group games).
Mrs Todd will register you and you walk down to Havelock.
(the rest of the hockeygames group get changed at 1.45pm register at 2pm and come down to havelock as usual)

Passback 2.15 at Havelock. Finished at 2.45

  1. Kezia Hylands GK (Mrs Todd will have kit for you )
  2. Cara Cinnimon
  3. Carly Fong (co captain) make sure everyone is available
  4. Rachel Moore
  5. Shruti Surresh
  6. Eimear Wilson
  7. Amy Porter
  8. Beth Jordan
  9. Sophia Brown (co captain) make sure everyone is available
  10. Madison McVeigh
  11. Emily Stronnach
  12. Grace Monroe
  13. Rachel Williamson
  14. Cady McFarlane

Match Review: U13b v Dromore league Match Mon 11th Nov

Dromore showed similar strength and organisation against our U13b team on Monday that they displayed before half-term. With the final score-line reflecting this, as they won this league fixture by the same score 3-1. However the BA u13b girls had some strong play in the first half and again towards the end of the second half when Kate Ferris and Lois Walker created a lot of dangerous play upfront, resulting in a goal by Kate Ferris from a PC. Poppy Henderson in her role as sweeper was ‘player of the match’ as she worked tirelessly to defend attack after attack by Dromore. Lucy Grossmann also deserves mention as she worked hard in mid-field and was a key player in both attacking and defending PC’s.

Thurs 14th November u14a MUSHA Tournament

Leave at 12.20 tournament starts at 1.30pm at RSD … home around 4.30/5ish. Bring a packed lunch and plenty of layers.

  1. Alana Stewart…Inj??
  2. Leah Rodgers
  3. Charlotte Waugh
  4. Eva McAlister
  5. Anna Thompson
  6. Joy Mawson
  7. Zara Nummy
  8. Lara Jameson
  9. Mia Campbell
  10. Rebekah Baker (c)
  11. Mia Grey
  12. Abbie McCormick
  13. Abbi Harrison (ask out of classes please!)

Tuesday 12th November 3rd XI vs Sullivan Gibson Cup (home)

Get changed at lunch if you are not on games. Meet at the top pitch at 2.20. White tops and red socks (but year 12’s bring black Tops and hooped socks just in case year 11 kit arrives for it )

Katie McCullough 

Natalie Hale 

Kayla Orr

Ruby Mulligan 

Julia Herron

Lucy Gilmore 

Bonnie McKenzie 

Holly Patterson

Tara McCambley 

Anna Little 

Izzy Anderson 

Sasha Martin 

Alisha Knowles 

Alex Warren 

Emily Shields

Carolyn Grossmann

Amy Macauley.

Monday 11th U13b vs Dromore

Meet at bus at 1.15 passback at 2pm at Ferris park

• Sarah Hylands GK • Ellie Robinson – C • Megan Williams • Eve Corbitt • Lucy Grossmann • Lois Walker • Alex Rowan • Kate Ferris – VC • Lois Clydesdale • Freya Whitten • Poppy Henderson • Ellie Bleakes • Kara Topping • Maddy Urwin • Holly McTurk

Saturday 9th Nov Friendlies vs Wallace

No matches for 2nd XI (due to play Wallace in Cup on 23rd Nov) 3a, 3b and u14b.

Away Matches are cancelled!!!!!

(if you intend to meet there you must let Mrs Todd know by end of school on Wednesday and you must meet 40mins before your passback time…If you are planning on being picked up you must let Mrs Todd know and also the staff on duty and your captain )

1st XI passback at 9am White Tops (Given out at training and to be collected at the end of match) Hooped Socks

  1. Hannah Buchanan
  2. Maisy Corry
  3. SJ Corry
  4. Emma Cousins
  5. Alex Gardiner
  6. Molly Mathers
  7. Katie McDonald
  8. Ellen Reid (Capt)
  9. Jodie Simmons
  10. Amy Somerville
  11. Hannah Spence
  12. Rebecca Spence
  13. Pippa Wilson
  14. Ruby Wilson

U13a passback at 10.30 White PE tops and BLACK SOCKS(e.g. BHC socks or any other colour other than red)

  1. Imogen Hunter
  2. Lucy Friar
  3. Christina Magennis
  4. Esther Campbell
  5. Edie McClusker
  6. Grace Mooney
  7. Violet Cohen
  8. Taylor Barlow
  9. Cara Purdy
  10. Maia Crawford
  11. Grace Hamilton
  12. Amy Jordan

U13b passback 11.15 White PE tops and BLACK SOCKS(e.g. BHC socks or any other colour other than red)


  1. Sarah H – GK (get kit please!)
  2. Ellie Rob captain (see Dr Dobson before Sat)
  3. Megan W
  4. Eve C
  5. Lucy Grossman
  6. Lois w
  7. Alex R
  8. Kate F – VC
  9. Lois C
  10. Freya W
  11. Poppy Henderson
  12. Ellie B
  13. Kara T
  14. Eimear
  15. Thalia

Home Fixture…. is still on!! Pitch is good!

U14a meet at Havelock for 10.15 (at pitch) passback at 11/11.15ish. White PE tops and black socks (if no black socks then any other colour other than red)

  1. Alana Stewart
  2. Charlotte Waugh
  3. Eva McAlister
  4. Anna Thompson
  5. Joy Mawson
  6. Zara Nummy
  7. Abbi Harrison
  8. Lara Jameson
  9. Mia Campbell
  10. Rebekah Baker (c)
  11. Mia Grey
  12. Abbie McCormick
  • Monday 11th Nov league match u13b v Dromore AWAY
  • meet 1:15pm at Bus (back 3:25pm) ask out period 7
  • Team
  • Sarah H GK
  • Ellie Rob – C
  • Megan W
  • Eve C
  • Lucy G
  • Lois W
  • Alex R
  • Kate F
  • Lois C
  • Freya W
  • Poppy H
  • Ellie B
  • Kara T
  • Maddy
  • Holly McTurk

Senior Thursday Training Structure

Over the next few weeks we are hoping to go with this plan for training plan so that we get the best possible preparation for the cup matches coming up and also give everyine a fair chance of opportunity

1st Training Squad

(for the next 2 weeks and after this for every 3rd week)

  1. Hannah Buchanan
  2. Maisy Corry
  3. SJ Corry
  4. Emma Cousins
  5. Alex Gardiner
  6. Gemma Hassan
  7. Molly Mathers
  8. Katie McDonald
  9. Ellen Reid (Capt)
  10. Jodie Simmons
  11. Amy Somerville
  12. Hannah Spence
  13. Rebecca Spence
  14. Pippa Wilson
  15. Ruby Wilson

Also included in squad but then to join 2nd XI training at 4.30

  1. Emma McPolin
  2. Lynsey Orr
  3. Katie Dougan
  4. Emily Mathers

2nd XI Training Squad

  1. Zoe Hylands
  2. Ellen Jack
  3. Katie Lockhart
  4. Lauren Hanna
  5. Jennifer Hanna
  6. Lucy Copes
  7. Nadia Radcliffe
  8. Leah Radcliffe
  9. Charlotte Thompson
  10. Megan Creighton

Those who are also training as 2nd XI squad but should also attend 3a training On Tuesdays

  • Kerry Dunlop
  • Holly Patterson
  • Tara McCambley
  • Hannah Brownlee
  • Carolyn Grossman
  • Katie McCullough